About NTI

We are one of the longest standing holistic nutrition schools in the world. Since 1999, NTI has provided students with the highest quality training, so they can achieve thriving careers in the field of holistic health and wellness.

What distinguishes us is the excellence of our instructors — all of whom combine academic training with thriving clinical practices — and the rigorous, scientific foundation of our curriculum. We empower students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Western holistic nutrition and pillars of developing a successful practice so that they leave NTI with the skills to thrive in their area of specialty.

NTI: Become part of the nutrition solution.

NTI: Become part of the nutrition solution.

Nutrition Therapy Institute
1510 York St, Suite 204
Denver CO 80206
1510 York St, Suite 204, Denver CO 80206

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Voice: 303-377-3974 ∣ Fax: 720-389-6257