Thursday, November 30, 12-1:30pm

Bring your lunch and learn with us in this exciting new Enrichment Series class! 

Kimsey Self, one of our frequent Enrichment Series presenters, will walk us through the ins and outs of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is an increasingly popular trend being promoted for everything from improving weight and energy levels to combating cancer and other forms of chronic disease. At it's simplest, it is an umbrella term for diets that cycle between a period... Read more...

Monday, December 4, 4-5pm

We're on a mission to help people achieve optimum health. Will you join us? This 1 hour Webinar will give you the inside scoop to getting started at Nutrition Therapy Institute and how to launch your career as a Nutrition Therapist or Natural Food Chef. You won’t want to miss this webinar to connect with NTI’s admissions counselors and other interested students from all over the world. We can't wait to speak with you!  Sign up here: ... Read more...

Wednesday, December 6, 5:30 - 7pm

Come expand your taste buds at Nutrition Therapy Institute’s cooking demo and tasting for our Natural Food Chef School. Chef Tracy will be preparing delicious, nutrient-dense meals that will gear you up to make some magic in your own kitchen! Launch your career as a Natural Food Chef today! This 18-week program begins on January 23nd! We hope to see you there… Sign up at: Read more...

Wednesday, December 6, 12-1pm

Create the career you want for yourself! We would love to have you join our community of Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioners and Natural Food Chefs. We are opening our doors for prospective students to come and take a tour of the school and learn more about how an education with NTI can lead to a thriving holistic health career. We will have a tasty salad bar set up so come hungry! We can’t wait to speak with you about your passion for holistic nutrition!  Sign up here: ... Read more...

Thursday, December 7, 4-5pm

Six seconds... 

That’s how long you have to make a lasting first impression.  How do you want to be perceived by your ideal client?  Outgoing?  Confident?  All business?  Entertaining? 

It’s time to brand yourself.  I’m not talking about a website, or logo, or your own business cards.  I’m talking about branding “you”.  How to you present yourself in front of a crowd?  What does your body language, verbal cues, and personal idiosyncrasies say about your products, ideas, and busi... Read more...

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